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Went to karen's house @ palm spring for pai lin (read: visit relatives during CNY). I oways look forward to toss yee sang rather than collecting ang pow (aiceh :P)

The left one served with raw salmon fish. The right one has no fish but tabuq ngan buah pear. Sedapnyeh! Yee sang is only served during the cny period...not before, not after. So if u have the opportunity, try it.

So we tossed and tossed...

and loh hei for longevity, prosperity and good health :)
cny @ the curve
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Wishing y'all Happy Chinese New Year
1yo lily banner
Lily's birthday party held at bmc, villa. Thank you very much for those who made yourselves available to attend the party. Muahhs!

acu @ 1yo lily
There goes the fruit cake

Concert Simfoni Tani by MOA

Thank you pijot for the tix to concert simfoni tani, organized by MOA. Tons of big names performed that night such as ramli sarip, anuar zain, adibah noor, misha omar, dayang, jac victor, ezlyn, ruffedge, orchestra ramli ms and so on. Puas ati bangat. Kudos to host, raja azura & shamsul ghau2 who did their best not to bore audience with facts on pertanian + perladangan.

With Faizal Tahir
With Pijot
At the lobby area