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My next door neighbour tgh wat renovation nak jadikan 2 tingkat. but its a weekend for god sake, and i have to bear the drilling sound! tension gilak. and the tension rise when the contractor ripped off suku of our bumbung today. yoshh! leh nampak langit gitu from the ceiling lights. horror! the ok part is...yang kena ripped off blah hall not bedrooms (compared to the other side neighbour yang kena bedrooms side) but which oso means blah toilet affected. not too mention berpasir kat porch. now nak mendobi pon kena wat blah malam. sigh.

muka bapak tension jer...but he didnt make a fuss bout it. tho he oredi remind em, kalo our house crack and bocor jangan wat tak reti plak. for now sabaq jelah, who knows when its our turn to renovate, kalo dia banyak complaint mmg kena cepuk.

Patch CD

Patch CD
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No wonder all this while my cdrom @ opis bunyik cam lawn mower and calarkan cd. rupenyer ader label stucked in it. tot it wuz mine...skali korek kuar, msys punya daaa! sound pollution no more.
The plan was to eat-all-i-can at fruits galore, pjaya. But the crowd + heat was major turn off. With the limited space, i couldn't even see where the fruits served. Yang nampak ramai bersila makan durian. Sigh.

So we headed Alamanda. Had lunch there. Then rushed back to GSC for The Island. Bes wooo! Cloning is plain, but the action pack...great.
Hepi 7th Burfday to dearest Adly. Still long way to go :D

Note: Bewitched is a huge disappointment. sigh.

With nuthin to cheer me up so I made my bed @ 12.12 a.m. Change the bed sheet to bright yellow to go against blue wall. Dunno why i even bother to tuck the comforter neatly and lined the pillows when i'm about to jump into bed in few minutes.

I like it. Yellow vs Mandom.

An entry bout changin my bed sheet! hmmm oh wat the fug!

p/s: failed my PTD test. huhu!
There's goin to be some changes in the dept. Dunno how far its gonna be, nuthin is final yet, wether i get the chance to involve in web, which is interesting back in line or stay as i am rite now. Either way...i think i'm okay.

Chris held a farewell party today. Makan² @ CMU. Then got to see this beautiful and unique rainbow. Too bad tak sempat capture. Hahah...poor bem and eija, i gave em opposite direction of where the rainbow is (i got mixed-up, heh), siap susah payah turun 1st floor. Eventually,rainbow tuh dah ilang, they tot its a prank...berbakul kena sumpah. hahaha...if looks cud kill, i surely die on da spot!


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It was brainstormin session for Pubz @ Bkt Jalil Golf Club. Had another session goin at the same time...chatting. Hahah
Durian Crave...

1. The craver...tukang bukak durian. 2. Tukang tgk. 3&4. Tukang makan.
It's movie marathon again yesterday. Hihi...wif my so-called ally. Watched WOTW and Batman Begins. Looks like bat-buff doesn't holds bat-grudges nemore. Miahahaha!

Got 5 free tix to Starlight Cinema. Anyone?!

And yesterday marked Big Mug 1st annivesary @ Villa. Yippie!
Attend tender briefing @ Holid*y Villa, Subang this mornin. Me and um* masuk IV3 for subject addscience. ngantuk giler dengar orang bg talk pasal syllabus. there's only 5 ppl in da room, so our escapade plan is a disastrous. but we enjoyed our quick meal during the break, um* even had her fishball rolling onto the floor and chased it. and one snapshot from low angle with a flash off, makes me look like a belon.