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Last Day in Penang

One of the things i'm gonna miss here is the buffet spread. Banyak choice for adults and kids. Even Jeeb yang tgh jaga calories intake also can find something yang suitable for his diet.

After breakfast, we spent some time kat the beach. It was so relaxing and peaceful (wpon dah start panas). Moga ada rezeki untuk datang jenjalan kat sini lagi.

Duduk like a boss enjoying the sun and breeze.

The kiddos pon sure missed all the big space they can run freely.

After checked out pegi we went to the Adventure Zone. It was part of the package so kids boleh main for 2 hours. But Qeeb wasn't really interested to play the slides because dia asik teringat ipad kat Cool Lounge. Play area are for Zafeer's age plak quite small and banyak budak.

If walked further from Adventure Zone, there's an Eco Centre - tempat main golf.

From Golden Sands Hotel we head to Bayan kampung! Jauh jugak rupanya from feringghi to there...nak dekat sejam perjalanan. Heavy constructions everywhe…

Something Magical @ Entopia, Penang

Link: Read our 1st day in Penang here and chillax at the beach here.

The breakfast spread at Golden Sands was awesome! Banyak varieties and sedap. I can easily choose something for Qeeb and Zafeer to eat.

It was still raining when we naik keta nak start our little adventure that day. Kalo tak kluar kang memang pakat tidoq dalam hotel room jelah or singgah mall which is boring! We went to Entopia first dengan harapan ada indoor area.

Admission fees are RM49 for adult and RM29 for kid. Satu lagik adult ticket we bought from another visitor who had extra ticket beli kat Matta Fair for RM40. So dapat lah jimat RM9 and Zafeer boleh masuk for free.

Butterflies are beautiful and friendly, some of it landed randomly on our body. But i saw some visitors tried to pegang the butterfly by their wings! Kesiannn because their wings are sooo fragile and easily terkoyak. Kat dalam leaflet/map yang Entopia distributed time dapat tickets ada tulis do's and don'ts but mostly excited sangat to ex…