Weekend @ Home

Last weekend we just hang out at home. On Saturday we only kluar kejap for Qeeb's swim class. It was also Zafeer's first experience in kids pool and he loved it! He kicked laughed and kicked again. It was all cute until it's time to go shower and clean up. The first dilemma was who to change first – me or him? Arrghhh what a struggle! After sumer dah changed, Qeeb nak makan ice cream, ok fine go ahead. While Zafeer wants his milk and dozed off. Sampai rumah dia continued to sleep for another 3 hours.

Weekend @ Swimming Pool

On Sunday, bawak Qeeb gi potong rambut. The rest of the day just chillax, makan, tido, watch netflix and some revision for Qeeb's 1st exam.

Weekend @ Swimming Pool


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