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Stayed in the office till 3.30 p.m today. Kalo bole i wanna finish my work...but mazlan threw us out. Dah nak termuntah katanya. Besides...we're starving. I only had a bottle of plain water for breakfast and lotsa smint. mazlan dropped us at lrt, then me, helen and eila stopped at kl sentral for quick lunch. baru memasing boley senyum. heheh...

here's a couple of snap on sal's wedding courtesy of ewin and walad for gathering last week.

date: 7 june

venue: pandan something....can't remember

venue: nelayan, titiwangsa

Caught in the flood today at Masjid Jamek. Air sampai paras leher. Sian keta yang parking kat tepi stu...floating nampak bumbung jer. and putra pack giler ngan orang. Bumped into Shida. and we decided to queue to climb the wall to get on the other side. Sumer main tolak jer...sesak napas aku. And then there's one Bangla guy, redah air, he raised his kain pelekat sampai nampak his balls...and definitely he did not wear any underwear. he did it on purpose...psycho maniac! Ekceli belah kanan m.jamek, the flood is lower, but i'm not risking myself getting into the water yang dah bercampur ngan air sungai. ntahapahapa ader kat dalam tuh.

and there i was climbing a wall tinggi tahap kuda...baru dapat masuk station star. star's staff is sucks. dahle black out. pastuh tak bagey masuk. dah macam sardin...dok cakap lrt tak jalan. bullz. yang lalu banyak kali tuh amende. dia dok kat bawah mana nampak...tak pegi check ker? bile orang jerit aderla bongok dia kater tuh standby tren. if standby naper ader passenger kat dalam? cipan btol la saja nak cause hectic...move your butt la dey! and then everybody seems to be more agresive...rempuh masuk free² jer. Aku naik atas baru nampak ader bot ulang alik belah kiri and cameraman everywhere. cam bes jer naik bot wpon star ngan putra sekangkang kera jer distance dia. tapik nak tunggu masak ler. arrived at home around 9. what a nite...

dahler satu ari bengang ngan sarjeet. penat ler marah² nie. tapik nak marah gak. sarjeet delayed everyone's book yang due ari ni because of that copy editing matter. gila kuasa ler pompuan nie. just one email from client dah kecoh bagai nak rak, marah² diane coz miscommunication. ke hulu ke hilir ngan email tuh....sket² stop kat meja aku. dahler aku cam partner dia tok c.e nie. dia proof read, aku layout. isss tak kuasa. bole dia sound soh aku buat buku EMCD dolu before anything else...buku tuh due LATER...settle la yang TODAY punyer. aku membebel²...dia lagi boleh pat my back..."you kena buat nie dolu sayang" chittt porrah! cakap manja ngan aku konon. blargh! kang buku tak kluar saper yang kena marah....controller jugak. first in first out maaa...bukan sukati you jer. ihhh yeee!
Martha Stewart charged with securites fraud?

The headline made me go 'what?' Her name doesn't sounds like a person to get caught with lawsuit. She was charged with lying to authorities and making false statements.

With all her mesmerizing design in decor, bouquets, tak kena. but everybody have the devils own.

at least she left her claw in the industry. it's like when u go shopping for home decor, u request a color like 'martha' instead of opt for more plain words like pastel or soft colors. even i will say, if i have house on my own i want it to look something close to martha stewart's.
There are certain points in my life i will get very pissed at someone for every reasons. And i chose silence. But when I passed that point I love that person much more. I've been thru this bad hormones many times. But that's just me hyprocrite if you want. But sometimes i'm tired of trying to please everyone around me. I tried but can't do it all the time... And that is why sometimes i shut off myself and be ignorance. I'm trying to balance here but I don't even have time for myself. Kejer pressure, balik rumah pon pressure coz everything seems demand my attention which i have to do it in remaining hours of my day. Tinggal weekend jer bole spend time kat umah or friends. Other people won't understand what i'm going thru because nobody lead the same life. Even my sister having trouble to understand me. But so far, she's the best. So don't expect me to do the same. I have set my priority in life. Family comes first especially my dad. Second myself. Third friends. So nak marah ker, majuk ker, aper ker...i don't give a damn. I'm frustrated but...ley siong ngo tim yong? there's always reason for every slack.

When ma' friends says run...i ran for the sake of fun in winning and losing. Eventually, i get tired. And i'll stop running. But i'll run again when i'm ready. Don't push me. But if that friend chose to run faster and leave me behind...nak wat camno? Aku penat maa..if larat aku kejo ler balik. In spite of all this crap i'm saying..i dunno. Maybe aku tgh srabut skang...or maybe i'm just plain mad at someone.
Last nite I tag along nana to watch Finding Nemo.... ...of all the characters i like Sea Turtle, Crush. Peace dude! Unlike Monsters Inc, which was blindly imagination. Pixars is awesome. Hey...think i've heard a fly buzzing in here. Where in the f**cking holes did it come from? I hate flies...