There are certain points in my life i will get very pissed at someone for every reasons. And i chose silence. But when I passed that point I love that person much more. I've been thru this bad hormones many times. But that's just me hyprocrite if you want. But sometimes i'm tired of trying to please everyone around me. I tried but can't do it all the time... And that is why sometimes i shut off myself and be ignorance. I'm trying to balance here but I don't even have time for myself. Kejer pressure, balik rumah pon pressure coz everything seems demand my attention which i have to do it in remaining hours of my day. Tinggal weekend jer bole spend time kat umah or friends. Other people won't understand what i'm going thru because nobody lead the same life. Even my sister having trouble to understand me. But so far, she's the best. So don't expect me to do the same. I have set my priority in life. Family comes first especially my dad. Second myself. Third friends. So nak marah ker, majuk ker, aper ker...i don't give a damn. I'm frustrated but...ley siong ngo tim yong? there's always reason for every slack.

When ma' friends says run...i ran for the sake of fun in winning and losing. Eventually, i get tired. And i'll stop running. But i'll run again when i'm ready. Don't push me. But if that friend chose to run faster and leave me behind...nak wat camno? Aku penat maa..if larat aku kejo ler balik. In spite of all this crap i'm saying..i dunno. Maybe aku tgh srabut skang...or maybe i'm just plain mad at someone.