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See The Leg lah!

Zafeer dah put on some weight 2 months later *happy* This is what you literally call 'see the leg lah!' 

When he was about 1 month old. Wearing the same soft shoes.

Meeting & Coffee @ Ripos*nte Cafe, BS

I started working on 4 Feb. So many things to catch up, read some emails and archive the rest (hah!) to make way for new emails, attended 2 regroup session. I had lunch with the team at bazaria. Had coffee with the team (again) to discuss about sharing workload of other prod.

It was good to be back. Hope i can focus and pickup everything back. At the same time still nervous and worry leaving my lil one tuhhhh! But now after few weeks kejer got different direction pulak. Aigooo....redha and go with the flow je lah. Pray for the best.

Baby Zafeer at 2 months+

Me and baby Zafeer
Sedapnyee tido 

K.Shua's Birthday Dinner

After work we went to pickup Qeeb, Ma & Pa at home and went straight to Macaroni & Coffee to celebrate K.Shua's Birthday.

Birthday girl and cake from Secret Recipe. K.Shua always look forever young :)

As usual i chose pesto pasta. I only took photo of Jeeb's dish jer.

We enjoyed the laugh and silly jokes over dinner. 

GLC Lunch (D and K.Fara) at Nu Sentral

This time bertiga jer yang jumpe because me and K.Fara bought something via D. So jumpe just because nak pass barang. We meet up at Puffy Buffy at Nu Sentral since D promote gulai lemak daging salai kedai nie...terjebak nak try.

The food was ok. But the cafe has terrible lighting. It was blue-ish so sumer gambar lighting hancuq. Agak pening duduk lama2 kat situ.

Nak avoid bad lighting nyer pasal we took photo outside the kedai instead.

Jenjalan kejap tengok barang cute at this store.

Then K.Fara balik opis. While me and D gi Parkson sbb nak carik my barang. Mintak D teman kan because dia tengah free gittew (baru benti kejer lah katakan). Dah beli barang nak gi redeem voucher and freebie. At first they gave me a pouch. Luckily i saw this posters. Heyy i'm entitled for tin canister and i prefer that one instead. But cannot choose the design because they only have one pattern jer at that time. But isokay, the one that i got tuh pon quite nice jugak.

Singgah MPH plak cuci mata. Baru t…

CNY Decor 2016

Midvalley CNY decor with fishes swimming around. The center fish siap gerak2 summore. Nice!

While at The Curve. Simple decor with lanterns. These 2 malls jer i managed to capture for this year. 

Mom Super Power Be Like

I'm like milk dispenser especially wee hours till morning. I love my job eventhough this superhero looks like a panda. I don't even need an eye mask.

Spa & Coffee with Sis

Once a while pamper myself at the spa. I also look for something yang related to post-natal. So i googled and found this Palmar*sa Wellness. Went there and it was OK, the place looks new, cosy and clean. The second time i carik area Cheras plak because nak gi visit my sis skali. Jumpe satu kedai Thai massage ni tapik dodgy hahaha. Dahler bau ciggie so big no-no. Google again dalam kekalutan nak cepat tuh sebaik jumpe this spa in the same area called Bel Fiore.

Slumber tinggalkan keta kat car wash and spent almost 2 hours at the spa hahaha. My masseuse was Balinese (katanyer) and urut dia (post-natal massage) mmg best sampai tetido dibuatnyer. The last time i had the same experience was dekat TTDI spa.

I also tried herbal ball massage. Rupa herbal ball tuh cam dalam gambar nie. Panas dia cam bertungku tapik panas nyer tak tahan lama cam tungku batu tuh. Sesuai dengan iols yang tatahan panas. Kene yang nih pon dah flinched hahaha but cukup pueh for me. I definitely want to come here aga…

CNY Celebration 2016

Happy Chinese New Year from us! Here's our new ang pow collector, baby Zafeer heheh. This year we didn't go for pai lin. But the kiddos do received some ang pows from friends and colleagues. I'm also happy that this year i got to eat yee sang 3 times heheh!

This year the Co. still panggil lion dance to come over to do their dong dong chang thang at every floor and at the lobby. They left after they peeled and decorated the oranges.

Waiting for the lions to peel the oranges. 

A week later, the Co. held a townhall and makan2 sempena CNY and birthday celebration.

They also served yee sang. 2 sets tak cukup for the whole staff it seemed hehe. But dapat laa jugak rasa penutup for this year.

Lunch @ Kopimeo, Seksyen 9

Went to Kopimeo to have lunch. Alone and hungry lepas run some errands. Besides lepas tuh nak singgah kedai baby next door.

I ordered gulai lemak pasta. The creamy, spicy, coconut tumeric sauce goes well with the spaghetti. Sedapppp and i definitely don't mind to order this again next time i'm here.

Accompanied with one hot cappuccino. Perfecto. Alhamdulillah kenyang.

Half Day Out with K.Fara

Nih sumer kes tetiba and peer pressure haha. Tetiba tetengok instagram bokitta that they are releasing new collection that morning at 11am. Dahler kedai bokitta tuh dekat sangat dengan rumahnyer maka lagik laaa terbayang2. Tetiba plak kak fara free and cakap jom. Dan tetiba kami pon bejumpe and tejebak membeli. Hohhh bahaya sungguh kalo slalu buat cemnie...but it was fun!

But ada lagik satu objective tok berjumpe pada hari itu yakni nak k.fara nak copy movie hindustan Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Because time jumpe kat AvenueK hari tuh tak kesempatan nak copy. We also updated the buku GLC just because nak kasik cepat sket penoh taun nie.

Kami makan nasik. Satu tuh sweet sour and satu lagik buttermilk.

Lepas makan minom coffee. And then we decided to buat some 'work' sket so we checked out and carik cafe lain plak hahaha. Sambil tuh sempat jugak score satu item through D yang melawat kawasan kedai cloverush.

We went back to VistAlam nak amik keta k.Fara then we off to Panacea Cafe. Can&#…