CNY Celebration 2016

Happy Chinese New Year from us! Here's our new ang pow collector, baby Zafeer heheh. This year we didn't go for pai lin. But the kiddos do received some ang pows from friends and colleagues. I'm also happy that this year i got to eat yee sang 3 times heheh!


This year the Co. still panggil lion dance to come over to do their dong dong chang thang at every floor and at the lobby. They left after they peeled and decorated the oranges.

Untitled  Untitled
Untitled  Untitled

Waiting for the lions to peel the oranges. 


A week later, the Co. held a townhall and makan2 sempena CNY and birthday celebration.


They also served yee sang. 2 sets tak cukup for the whole staff it seemed hehe. But dapat laa jugak rasa penutup for this year.



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