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How do you spend entire day (everyday) as a jobless person? Watch the idiot box and CDssss...if only there's post as potato couch. I'll be the most successful top notch laydeh! Today, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (sweet one...), Nine Girls and a Ghost (I fell in love with the ghost), 8-mile (whadda...yaya) and not to mention Stuart Little 2 over and over again. Thanx to Adly, I know the dialogue by heart now. **ck lil birdie voice-over Melanie Griffith. I need more books. But I'm totally broke. So forget The Book Chest. Might as well return the book to get my money back.

Here's Edison Chen (the 'ghost' in 9G1G) Cute eh?
I run Formaggie today with Sham, nana took a day off to PD. Quite ok…exclude the part I spilled one whole vege pasta sauce ;) Nak balik jalan sumer jammed! KL banjir…pokok tumbang, Sg Kerayong melimpah². Bomba nak lalu pon sangkut…with the siren and announcement asking drivers to pull aside is a waste. The road is packed no one could move. Arrived home…umah banjir la plak. Unbelievable! Sib baik kat hall tgh jer tuh pon dah cukup bagey penat. Well I’m stink, sticky, and my feet sore.

The interview with Eric went quite ok even though I was a lil bit awkward. He was 30 minutes late. He talked and talked but never make eye contact. Stern, tight face :-| As i see it, he judged people by character not by the paper. So possibly my zero knowledge is okay with him. He's hiring a person to play with autocad. Which is okay with me if he give me sometimes to explore....I dunno if this is what i want or am i desperate for a job. But exposure would be good though. We'll see...
I just realized that i don't have the exact form that need to be send back to utm. Luckily wawa brought the number along this morning. Spoke to Mr. Muzakir...sounds friendly and helpful thru the phone. I explained bla bla and he bla bla...said it's weird how they got mixed up coz they have QC on that. much for QC, borang questionaire sampai 2 set. Havta to follow up with him what will he do with the rest of the form. Mail it or fill in later. The main one has been fax over. *Still sighing*

Tommorow an interview with Eric Oh. Informal or formal? Hmm..he said he wants to meet up at McD, Jusco. Of all the places...Starbucks, Secret Recipe but he chose the

noisiest of all.
oooh UTM did it again...stoopid time schedule! Blarghh!! I missed one family member and I can't afford if the other 2 cannot make it. Like people said, three is a family. It's a big deal for me. Not the scroll nor the robe or whateva the heck is...but my little family. I kept hearing this little voice inside my head. some comment, no matter how carelessly voiced in the first instance, can stick with you for a lifetime?
I think I have the standard disease of the decade. I know I want something but I don't really know exactly what dat something is. Something better? Something different? Yep definitely something bigger. Some guyz could just be sooo typical makes me wanna puke. Maybe it's him...maybe it's me. But there shouldn't be no maybes anymore...shit on me.

Yet I'm beginning to feel marvellously brave and liberated again. Ready to throw off the shackles of boredom and compliance to convention and head for freedom. At least I think I feel dat way. And ooh...Happy Valentine's Day.
Slamat Hari Raya AidilAdha :-)

Idiot Box

I think Clark Kent in Smallville is one helluva depressed boy. Lana Lang is beautiful and Bald Luthor is kewl. Alias is coming up..which seems like forever to hit the shore after s'pore aired it. Wonder if the supranos will ever be on air here. Maybe the cabel have...i dunno. Marvel-to-movie Daredevil coming up starring Ben Affleck. Can't imagine him walkin around in tight suits. It's a must watch movie! heh.

The tv is getting more and more like shit these days. As if they never had enuff ads already between the hour. After the age of resizing the screen where half of it conquered by the ad now they put on a pop up ad during the show. Either blocking by the head or pee-pee under. Its' sickening...when that lil darn thing keep poking out swirling left to right right to left. Didn't they know the art of watching the idiot box without distraction?

"I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me. I quote John Lennon. He was the walrus. I could be the walrus, but i'd still have to bum rides off people." -Ferris Beuller-

Quarter Life Crisis

I’m having a quarter life crisis! What a 22 year ol person would do at this point of life? Wish someone could list out the duties I have to carry out this year. But that would be boring ayt? Sometimes I just need people to tell me what to do. So that I won’t make any stupid mistakes.

Can’t believe bapak pointed out an idea what should be done in next couple of years. It didn’t sound like a suggestion at all…more like command. He never do that! Maybe he thinks I’m getting reckless now, immature, irresponsible bla bla bla. That’s what I think. But thanx for reminding me to focus on long term. But what you proposed…I can’t imagine myself doing it. It’s damn important, I know…but NOOOOO!

One decision will effect the others. So can’t simply make one that’ll pissed-off everybody. What the heck do I want for myself actually?

CNY 2003

The dinner was ok. Yee cheong said I put on weight…oh swell! Joke of the nite...Mandarin Orange. I even have the sms version. Bad very bad! ;) Question of the nite…”Have u start working?” Erghh…burink! Burink! Yee sang is out of the menu. Sheesh. Havta go for pai lin first. Naaah…I’ll get one myself. Everybody is being generous. And of course ang paw…wuhuuu. Just hand it over to me no questions ask.