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McDelivery Service Sucks

Why McDonald's delivery service is getting worse? Dah laa one hour standard delivery time is already a major turn off. But today nak jugak order dan sanggup nak tunggu sejam kononnyer, i ended up keciwa lagik when they displayed this message.
Due to bad weather conditions, we are unable to accept your order. We will reopen at 27/11/2016 16:35. We apologize for the inconvenience. Awww  kamonnnn McD! Seriously? it's not even raining here! Such a disappointment.

So Dominos it is! And as i'm typing this, i'm waiting for my pizzas which gonna arrive at 4.12pm :) Way before McDelivery reopen their website for ordering. Boo you McD!

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 20

Darl-Linksss Cool toilet approved by Japanese Go. Link: Public toilets approved by Japanese Gov.You'll find pizzas hovering on the air in the future. Link: Pizza drone delivery.

Qeeb's 6th Birthday

Birthday celebration tok Qeeb kali nie made me rasa terharu! He really looked forward to it, asik tanya saper lagik yang datang. Biler tak jemput orang lain dia dok tanya plak. Biler tak order special cake, dia cakap cake dia kecik. But isokay, he liked his birthday cake yang dia chose sendiri it's just that it was small. Because bigger version kene order in advance >.<

Party people

Dolu nak nyanyi birthday song pon tak boleh because he'll automatically tukar jadik mr hyde.  Who would've thought 6 years later baru dapat tgk dia senyum malu2 enjoying the birthday song and blew the candle. I felt so proud like my heart could burst! lol!

Qeeb layan jer my request nak amik gambar sana sini, pegang itu ini hehe.

Qeeb ajak Irina main cars and bubbles.

This was not a selfie. Just taking the hundredth picture of that cake from different angle.

Mama always doa yang terbaik for you Qeeb. May Allah bless you in everything you do. Moga membesar jadik anak yang baik and a loving …

Another Evening @ The Park, SA

Found other photos of the kids at the park. This was taken a few months back.



Irina's 7th Birthday Celebration

Irina's 7th birthday celebration buat kat Jungle Gym, Atria. It was a fun outing, ingatkan nak bagi Zafeer try play around baby area tapik ramai sangat orang.

Qeeb try laaa jugak naik satu slide. But he just didn't like it biler ramai sangat kids yang energetic and eager so dia tanak main dah lepas tuh.

Tetiba si Qeeb pon dapat present. Just because kene bribed tok amik gambar ngan aunty yang kanan tuh. Adoiyaii both of my kids nak amik gambar ngan orang lain susah bebeno. Hope Zafeer takde mood time tuh just because he was sleepy. Suker laa Qeeb because aunty tuh kept to her promise lepas amik gambar, siap gi Hamleys and sent her son to passed the cars. Segan giler okehhh!

Irina with her most adorable birthday munchkin cake.

Birthday song for birthday girl.

Sumer food sedap (but i only took photo of the sandwiches jer hehe). The ice cream pon sedap!

Then balikkkk ronda2 jap kat Atria. That was our first time pegi situ since they reopened.

English Class Finale

I enrolled an English Class for 3 months. Buat kat office jer. Main target was to improve my grammar. The class was fun, the teacher whom we called QueenB was hilarious, but i still find grammar can be sooo technical heheh. I think i improved time nak jawab peksa tuh but biler nak construct ayat dalam blogging cemnie still rasa tunggang langgang jugak.

So on our last day tuh lepas presentation by few colleagues yang belom present, we had pizza parteh.

Definitely gonna miss the class and her jokes.

Short Trip to Jaya One

We went to Mattel clearance sale @ Jaya One. Time pegi tuh nampak cam banyak interesting activities for kids.

The event hall.

I was looking for Zafeer's upcoming birthday present. Best because quite banyak options for babies. 

There was another warehouse sale on hello kitty stuff kat different area. Cheapo and of course too cute to resist! I bought 3 cute non-woven tote bags for RM2 each (takde dalam gambar)

Dah abes ronda sini, we went inside this pop shop. It's like a marketplace jugak with few vendors. Banyak knick knacks yang bleh buat ahkak ralit kelebet satu2.

There's also a cosy cafe in here. 

I must plan to go to JayaOne again to check out the activities they have for kids.