McDelivery Service Sucks

Why McDonald's delivery service is getting worse? Dah laa one hour standard delivery time is already a major turn off. But today nak jugak order dan sanggup nak tunggu sejam kononnyer, i ended up keciwa lagik when they displayed this message.
Due to bad weather conditions, we are unable to accept your order. We will reopen at 27/11/2016 16:35. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Awww  kamonnnn McD! Seriously? it's not even raining here! Such a disappointment.

So Dominos it is! And as i'm typing this, i'm waiting for my pizzas which gonna arrive at 4.12pm :) Way before McDelivery reopen their website for ordering. Boo you McD!


  1. yeahhhh booooo Mc D! i've experienced bad service jgk. Nk order by fon xleh. nk order online the earliest time i can choose was 3hours later!! gilo apo org dah lapar nk kena tgu lg 3jam?!

    1. My friend ari tuh pon complain sbb mak dia nk order mekdi thru telepon dh x boleh. Sumer kene online jer. Ater kalo senior citizen tak reti pakai online xleh makan mcD ler jawabnye.


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