How to Make Simple iPhone Wallpaper

I was browsing wallpaper gallery at few websites to replace the current one. Tapik banyak lak ngomel dalam hati...too much patterns lah, too simple lah, too dull lah. So i ended up scrolling my own photo album and start buat wallpaper sendiri. Ada gambar coffee art yang lg fancy but i like this one because of the lighting. So here are the simple step by step to make a simple wallpaper of your own.

1) I added some text using application Over. Choose the font and adjust the text position and size to my liking. 

2) I edited the colour using VSCOcam filter nak dapatkan mood cam ala2 instagram fatmumslim.

3) Tadaaa dah siap! Go to settings and apply as wallpaper. Easy peasy! Rasa happy tgk coffee every time nak bukak phone and knowing that it's your own photo :)


  1. WOW!! SERIUS PRO!!! ko buatkan aku punya cita2 nk back to iphone makin meluap2 hahaha

  2. hahaha lenovo oso ken do laaa


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