Monday meet up with Susu and BB @ Suria. We had quick dinner at Burger King. And yesterday...i took a day off for injection and buy few things. Also...yesterday i got myself a new Digi Cam. huhu! Bought it with my very own money. Not exactly my money but its from my account tho. hehe whateva! At first i was guilty for spending unnecessarily...but when the word investment pop up, i was feeling lil more okay. okay back to my ‘investment’...its not some flashy and hi-tech camera. i get the 2nd cheapest one of all camera on display. its Kodak-easyshare. i kinda hate the design @ first but after some evaluation with the sales asst...the price, features and everything i settled with this one with big grin :) luckily susu volunteered to accompany for camera-hunt. tq! tq! you’re such a darling!


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