Blonde Moment at Petrol Pump

Terkujat tak habis lagik nie. Aduhaiiii careless nyer macik! Tomorrow the petrol pump owner is going to assess the damage and i really hope it won't cost a bomb. Sigh, it's gonna be an anxious Monday it seems. Or whatever day until they call me up to update the status. I'm praying hard that they won't charge me anything. 

p.s: I hope i won't be in a YouTube too! 


  1. Oh no! Hopefully things will turn out ok..tcare there.

    Selalu gak baca blog ko, kali ni baru terpanggil utk mengomen,

  2. I am very sorry Soul.. but i am laughing so much here... i tot these only happens in movies... :D

    hope the bill won't be too painful :)

  3. Laa hang kaa zrett! hehe

    aku sangat trauma! please pray for me that the petrol pump insurance will cover. *gigit jari*

  4. annie!!! u jahat. ok i can't help to laugh as well. in movies they don't have to pay for the damage kan?

    oh goshhh hope i don't have to pay anything.

  5. ada feeling2 mcm tgh berlakon dlm HOllywood movie x? LOL

  6. ooh gosh! i just read and this and sorry but hahahaha....

    ok now i hope there's not much serious damage to you. lucky it was just the card reader and nothing else!

  7. yeap luckily it was only the card reader because i saw the pump business as usual the next day.

    so far they did not call me so i guess it's insured!

  8. maria, kalo feeling hollywood kene lagik dramatic hehe! ada fire, explosion etc. BUT dowan lah something like that to happen. Touch wood


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