FV Limited Edition Raya Packet

A colleague of mine gave me this limited edition of FV sampul raya. I was super happy because at first ingatkan dia nak bagi yang floral theme tuh. Skali dUCk songket sampul...OMG! biler dapat nie siap amik gambar satu2 cam feeling2 unboxing gadget gituh hahaha.

FV Raya Packet 2016

It comes with a luxurious box of 6 money packets. Four of them represent Songket shawl yang dorang jual. Quality tebal dan cantek!

FV Raya Packet 2016

Ada color lavender (the hot selling shawl), turquoise, green and brown. And also illustrations of how the songket pattern was inspired from a wedding dress.

FV Raya Packet 2016

More awesome raya packets for my collection #thesongketduck #solrayapacket #solmoneypacket 


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