Just now I was digging my mom's closet. Looking for something that I can wear. Instead...I was sniffing each clothes trying to remember how she used to smell. Maybe tomorrow i'll try to find again what i'm looking for.

Today Expo havoc. abg Khairul who resigned last Friday sent his last job book to US client with an extra page which wrote "No blood for oil"! Siap ngan gambo bom lagik!Wuish...Tatauler dia xtreme pasal Iraq-US or dia nak pay revenge kat Expo. And of course la the Americans sensitip ayat² cenggitu. Saner mengamuk...sini pon amok ler. Everybody was so suprised with his actions whether he did it on purpose or accidentally the last page slipped in the parcel. But sumer tersengih stuju...bio padan muka Alicia mengglabah. But then I think abg Khairul tak pikir panjang. That such statement with the war's happening, he could be sued. Maybe satisfaction is what he's looking for. 7 years kejer kat stu habuk pon tarak. Guess...it's pay back time.

p.s:I like what Erhan wrote bout war..interpret it like Counterstrike? hehe and the quote he quoted from AlGhazali.