Backstabber! If you ever do this mistake again...i'm gonna be so strict and confirm. Because the mistakes reflects on me...i'm the one who did it although you the one directs me. Just another political move...fine by me! We'll play again...

Tommorrow 1st of May...Labour day. I'll be celebrating my first labour day. Nyehahaha. Still have 1 month to escape from Expo. 1 day notice and thats it. Instead I'm still taking my own sweet time savouring everything, rite from morning routine, frenz, hang-out. Biler nak setat balik carik kejer lain? Should i plan to stay at least one year? I don't even have time to think for myself now...skang asyik² budget, budget, budget. When i tried hard...i doze off. As if no life, no soul. I hate working.


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