Lunch with G6 gfs @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

One fine Saturday, i spent few hours with an old friends yang dah berzaman x jumpe. 10.30am meet up with Wawa at Chawan, Citta Mall. While waiting for Rina to arrive we had chit chat over breakfast telor sparuh masak, fried wantan (with mayo dippin' sauce) and tea.

Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

Rina sampai jer we decided to tukar tempat makan. Saja nak try benda lain pulak. So off we went to Bubba Gump. We were the first customer masuk situ soo sampai 3-4 waiters hovering over us. Rimas jugak lahhh! Since it was Wawa and Rina first time makan situ, so we let the waiters to explain what the sign is all about. "Stop Forrest Stop" means we need something from the waiter, "Run Forrest Run" means we don't need anything. Unfortunately, throughout the lunch even our sign is blue we still got waiters to stop and asking how we are doing, can i take your plate MANY times and interrupt our conversation. That's just pretty annoying. Rina sampai dah nak kuar statement "tak cukup pinggan ker kat dapor tuh?" wakakakaka!

Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

Oh yer ahli2 yang datang on that day cuma Wawa, Rina and myself. Zect tak dapat datang because husband dia tetiba ajak gi Johor.

Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall  Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

We ordered Mango Sparkler and Speckled Lemonade for drinks. For makan2 we ordered Onion Ring tower as appetizer.

Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

Also ordered something from Bubba's Shrimp Special. The shrimper heaven consist of coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, fried shrimp and tempura shrimp.

Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

For main course we had crazy cajun chicken, me love this one! Wawa yang ordered ni ekceli but trus jadik shared meal hehe.

Lunch @ Bubba Gump, Citta Mall

Borak sampai lebam then we jalan2 kat level bawah lalu the Presto supermarket. Then tiber lah masa to say goodbye. We usually made a vow to make an attempt to jumpe lagik. Hehehe but most of the time we end up jumpe the following year tuh yang sedey tuh. But Alhamdulillah wpon 'long-distant' friendship cenggini, masing2 kepala still sama jugak :)


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