Got back from shopping spree with zect. Menghaban carik baju dia for convo. Finally jumpa gak yang dia berkenan di ati. In fact that's the only baju kebaya yang both of us agreed on. Hehehe...Mahal wooo! But anyway phase I mission - accomplished. (^o^)

Got home, ader two invitation waiting for me. One is an offer ekceli from Pustpatri. Ntah mana Centre ni dapat add aku ntah. It's a Skim Latihan Semula Graduan with RM500 elaun. The course they're offering is Safety Health Office or Welding and Inspection Technology. Ntahapahapantah! Passs....okay next is an invitation for 6B's reunion on da August 2nd. I never seen half of them for 11 years. Cam bes jumpe balik member lama...teringat balik muka sekoq² zaman lom hit puberty :D But everybody is staying around the same area, so they've used to bumped into each other. Me? Kang jadik rusa masuk kampung lak. Nak pegi tanak pegi...maybe I'll toss a coin on that day. Head means hit the party, tail means no no. Cam gitu...bole?


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