Last saturday...there was an accident in front of the opis. Sara's mother knocked a motorcycle which caused one of the cyclist flew (dat's how others described)....and landed bwh keta diaorang. time aku sampai...alih² dah ader orang terlentang kat bawah Unser. Poor Sara's mom...she's shaking badly.

Bab² eksiden nie cuma satu jelah yang paling aku ingat...wawa broke someone's leg! and i was sitting right beside her when the crash happened! eh...wawa? yuli yang tgh syiok² sms kat back seat jadik cam patung. biler teringat balik...lawak giler. tak masuk lagik...sequel accident tuh. accident is a nightmare ekceli. people laugh when nothing bad happen. as long as no serious damage...


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