*yawnn!* just reload jaring today. only now i can really online. what did i miss? a lot i guess. oh yeah...one of my book is going to final. which means Macmillan is going to print and publish it back in Basingstoke. wuhuuu! my first finalize book, Regulating Financial Sector in Era of Globalization. Tuh dia....panjang tak panjang title tuh. :D i'm way excited!

Anyway my pc is having stomach ache i guess. there's growling sound from the CPU! and error: cannot write to drive C. whateva the heck does dat means? i know zero in computer maintenance. ergh...lantak stu! bio dolu! slagi ader pc lain dalam umah ni aku bley guna...also the counter in this site now showz 999. wonder who will hit the 1k! Tons of hugz and kisses!

i think Hulk is INCREDIBLY Boring. I dunno tapik mmg tabley masyuk dia punya stunt!! i know i never read hulk in comic version. but then...one of the part i like in hulk is the multiple box transition. just like a comic. something differ, it's kewl. wanna watch How to Lose a guy in 10 days, Anger Management....tapik mano nak carik 'source' ? if sumer nak blasah movie, kopak ler. leak some info! where are all the pirates hiding? +++cheers to NTV7 for Dinotopia! Wuhuuuu...quite a long gap since 10th Kingdom, leprechaun, etc. Yak yak yay!

i'm also lack of good books these couple of weeks. Buku yang aku pinjam belas ihsan orang sumer pasal romance, romance, sex and sex. Ih yeee....burink! Lack of batteries. I don't get my daily dose of moosic. Lack of patience. Queuing, waiting for the damn bus, standing behind someone who's gawking around on the right side of escalator, Sarjeet testing out her volume, Tan breathing on my neck, and all the keypochi...yadaaa yaddaaa! Tarik napas....hembus! tariiikkk....hembus. *phew*


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