Cordy is sleeping wit Connor? getting silly...i always get carried away watching dat idiot box. nothing much today xcept star rosak tgh jalan. short of voltage i guess...naik longgar kepala lutut aku berdiri. yang hampehnya...can't the 'driver' at least announce something rather than leave all the passenger clueless. hatta cakap technical problem skali's acceptable. nie tak...stgh jam not moving dia senyap jer kat depan tuh. microphone ader tanak guna. putra yang takder driver pon boleh kuarkan suara yasmin yusoff bagey announcement. eii haaiii...sabo jela

eila joined kit yee's team today. sian gak kat dia jadik cam bola ping pong jap tlg us, jap uk. dia cakap gak dia tak puas ati directly to alicia why it's not me should be doing what she's doing rite now coz she worked there for almost 2 years. cilako..aku lak yang dimentionnya. tapik btol gak aper dia cakap...aku pon nak tau naper. alicia said bla bla bla...(it's quite unfair ekceli), but i'm thankful she said that. (^o^)


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