Half day today. 1 sharp aku punch trus blah. Peh...nangis² aku tgk skrin ari nie. flu, cough, fever...i dunno why i even have the urge to wake up this morning. balik singgah jln tar...bought net for nana. balik telan panadol, trus peram till 6.30 p.m. bapak didn't wake me up to fetch didi...hehehe. so nice.

lalu jalan tar tadik cam burink jer. lost the touch of piracy. daaaa...i watched yesterday, 2 un-uniformed policemen stepped down from police car and headed towards the stall. baru jer konon² nak singgah on the way balik. cheisshh ilang source...but then sib baik i wasn't there holding the cd or something...tak pasal ngan aku skali kena cekup.

Izzit true that the almost-famous crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, died eaten by croc?


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