Haircut day!! i went to My Fair Lady Salon...a typical chinese salon. a place i kept coming back to get a haircut. in a way...there's sense of comfort knowing dat my mom used to go there and the fact the owner already knew me plus the reeaaal's cheap!

time masuk as usual...aku hi to everyone. but there's a couple of chinese laydee...ask miss fong tuh 'tung yan' / 'malay yan'? huk aloh...bzbodinya. aku dengo jelah deme borak² until the topic revert back 2 me when shampoo lady block me with her big arse. fong asked her 2 move, but one of da customer snapped...biarlah bukannya dia paham amende. si fong tuh dah tersengih²...gritted her teeth saying 'sek teng gaaa'. rasa cam nak jerit jer..."i can heeeaaarr you!!!" but erm...i hate my haircut rite now. felt like schoolkiddo!


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