i've been OT this couple of days till 8. once i'm the only one left @ the office. Brani plak aku!....bunya fax jer sure aku terkejut badak. I loathe the book i'm working on so much! It's all equation and too mathematical. And I had to extend the deadline like almost 2 weeks now. *#(*&#@!!*

there's ekceli a very ez way to save pix from internet using mac. all this time punyala susah to get link yang end directly with jpg format, that's what someone showed to me, manually > save as. till today i accidentally drag pic from browser to desktop. hahahah sonang giler. no wonder all the slices are bubbles...terdrag sket it became doink! doink! even buttons can be drag out...but u got nothing lar. :D smakin cergas aku carik wallpaper! huhu!!!

i got 2 calls for an interview. one is at Subang. I made an appointment but in the end...i chose not to show up. transport prob and that darn math book! why must subang...haiyaaa. Next time tulih dlm add awal²...takyah apply. The other one...the contact person called home. My dad took her number but it turns out not in service. cheissss. cemana tuh?

What's with sasha's (elite) wedding reception in US? I received 5 same emails on the same day. Almost everybody freaking out when saw the pix. Whut? I was @ first....hehe but watch closely. It's not even a church. It's pergola! pergola in a garden. the arrangement with an aisle looks like church instantly. the mesg attached with the email wrote she's married as a christian. that's sounds like accusation to me. did she really? there's one man standing between them at the altar. could be her dad to hand her over or could be a priest? wallahualam. a scenario where a muslim malay couple bersanding atas buaian full of daun pisang. would it be called married as hindu?


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