rite now...bebudak yang plan nak gi JB is heading south. and me...stranded here. kejer lak tuh! takper 2moro free breakfast @ magic wok. Today is jaron last day. he's leaving and he's resignation letter cost a stir. hehe...way to go! dat's how it spose to be! balik aku heret dia pegi jln tar...nak carik pirates. peh tak sampai 2 minit aku nampak sorang mamat jinjit plastic itam. aku sampai, tinggal rangka meja jer. patah balik...2 policeman coming. phew!

2moro...i havta finish Barbados encyclopedia. Only managed to do revises up to alphabet P. Ten more to Z. And...new book waiting, Young People, Sex and Media. Sorta compilation of scrapbook made by hi-school student about what they think of sex, and how they expressed it with paper cutting and experience in writing. The client did asked us wether we could handle this title, takut leh jadik sensitif lak. Tapik bos cina besaler....sumer bole, as long the money rolls in. hmmm.

Wokey...my eyes are droopy. bye now.


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