yeargh! yeargh! 2moro cuti! S'pose to have lunch with Dilla 2day...but cancelled last minute coz dia ilang transpot. but later she came jugak lagik 5 minutes aku nak naik opis. it was a quick one x berbaloi ngan 6 tahun tak jumpa. she's still a laughing craze. dat's what i like bout her...her laugh is so sincere and loud! some house chores. Nana said Amy will drop by and he might need place to crash. Abg Yan wat open house for Expo staff but I'll definitely not going for one reason. Malas! Eila's house on Sunday, Insya-Allah. And then there's Fawaz and Zetty's also on Sunday. Huhu!

p.s: Apocalyptica...giler bapak ganaz diaorang nih main cello!


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