It's MONDAY morning sickness again! Somebody saaaveee mee!!! Kinda weird today that the tren is half empty, no crowds, no long-queue @ the bus-stop.

Friday nite, wan came over and take the pc for repairing. Saturday nite stuck in Pak Su’s office till morning because i gave ALL the pc. mangkok! hantar repair salah, tak hantar pon salah.

Yesterday evening, went for Pijot’s engagement @ Precint 9. beautiful one...definitely lurve her make-up which she did all by herself, it suits her complexion. btw i had to drag Adly along since nana had to finish last minute preparation @ the cafe. Well, Adly seems really enjoyed being surrounded by ladies for the whole evening...gosh hope that wasn’t a bad sign. hehehe. again...congratulations to Pijot and her fiancee :D


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