went out yesterday with Wawa yang keburingan...zect hampeh tanak folo. since aku pon burink dok umah baik folo wawa tgk pintu opis dia cenggana. gi Berjaya Times Square yang beso dan lom bukak lagik tuh, kutip sampah fliers and vouchers, lunch at Swensen...leypak @ Starbucks (tq to wawa's voucher) turun naik KL Plaza carik main entrance opis dia. Weird thing is...we still haven't found it.

Later @ nite...watch Perspektif Dr. Siti Hasmah. Wuhuuu...she's the 2nd women doctor in Malaysia. wow. liked the part how she and PM end up together...it all starts with study date. hmm...and Dr. Mahathir always came to her hostel with his motorbike. Hehe...sounds cute! Because he is absolutely cute @ dat time. Taa!


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