Nursing mom be like...

Nursing mom are on call 24/7. Depending on the appetite of your baby, you might be nursing every 2 hours, which doesn’t sound so bad except that it takes 30mins or more to complete a feeding. By the time you finish, you are down to an hour before you need to start the whole process over again.

Within 1 hour, you have to wash the pump stuff, eat, shishi etc. If the baby poop, minus few mins. If the baby spit up terkene baju, gotta change the clothes so minus few more mins. Before you know it, the baby is hungry again and repeat the same cycle. Time are soooo precious. Even nak take shower pon rushing....sometimes the shampoo tak sempat nk kluar buih baby dah nanges. Hahahaha! 

I'm gonna miss the moments even though i can be so stressed out (when it happened). So tulis sini in case terlupa. Having a newborn kene go through all this occay! Because now baby Zafeer is already on formula milk #jangankecamsaya time malam jer i nurse him pueh2 :)


  1. huwaa penatnye baca.. semput! haha 4 years gap ok lagi... kalau less than that esp. 1 or 2 years gap only... hadoii yg beso pun lom beso so dh mcm 2 babies gitu adeh adeh adehhh

  2. kak fara steadyyyyy! wanna be like you bab2 nursing nie hehehe


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