Dinner @ Macaroni Food & Coffee, Plaza Masalam

We went to Macaroni Food & Coffee for the second time. I was a bit disappointed the first time, but since sis-in-laws suker sangat makan kat sini, so we wanted to try out other stuff. That night, I tried their weekend special menu, soft shell crab burger. They put in caramelized onion sooo i loved it and tak muak.

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee, Shah Alam

Jeeb had Macaroni Cheese Pesto with salmon. Fuhh nih pon sedap jugak. Next time i'm gonna eat this.

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee, Shah Alam

Spaghetti pomodoro in kids size for Qeeb and he liked it! Pheww...lega i chose the right menu. Every time makan luar rasa cam wild guess game.

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee, Shah Alam

I love the coffee as well. Cappuccino with brown sugar. Cawan cam minom dalam kole.

Dinner @ Macaroni & Coffee, Shah Alam

Alhamdulillah this round sumer pon sedap! Besides the place was busy that night, almost full house! They musbi doing really good :)


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