Malaysia Implements GST on 1 Apr 2015

  • Shopping madness till the dawn of GST​. Including myself, i stocked up some of items that are already running low. Refrained myself from panic-buying.
  • We went for furniture hunting. It was unsuccessful one because we don't even have a space for it yet, unsure of the measurements, etc. So redha jelah when the time comes. 
  • Made an effort to understand the gst. What stuff/services that will be imposed with gst and what not. Not that i digest much.

And the GST begins. So on the first day itself:
  • Banyak system downtime, online shopping website, ATMs, etc.
  • Tons of facebook/ twitter/ instagram updates on gst. 
  • Photos of receipt
  • Conversation and debates during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even on whatsapp.
  • There are still a lot of confusions on gst understanding among public.

Are you feeling the pinch yet?


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