Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar with Marvic

We meet up with Marvic and her boyfie at Marmalade, Bangsar last week. Shemah and BellaEnveeus planned to join us earlier but unable to make it because shemah's daughter, Allie was having fever and Bella herself was down with flu. Sob sob tak dapat jumpe jugak the last time i met them was October 2010 at HRC. Anyways I had aglio olio and Jeeb had turkey & mushroom quiche.

Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar

Over the food, we borak2 lots of random things :) The bloggers (excluding Qeeb of course) Marvic, me and once in a blue moon blogger, bem69.

Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar

And then Marvic handed me this! One of the reason we meet up is to pass this gifts because i was announced as the lucky winner for christmas giveaway contest at her blog. Weeee!

Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar

There was a part where Qeeb got bored sitting in the babychair so he sat with us and started to pull things. And one of thing was a glass of coke! I yelped (can't help it because im a jumpy person), he was shocked and trus duduk kejung tak brani nak move an inch. Kelakar giler...nak marah pon tak jadik.

Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar

Me with the pressie :) Oh ya i've mentioned before in my giveaway entry that the pouch was a Marvic herself!

Lunch @ Marmalade Bangsar

I also received this 2012 calendar via courier. Full of Emila Yusof's beautiful illustration with inspiring quotes.  Nak beli pon sangat worth it, only RM15 at her online shop My Little Shop. Thank you guys for the nice gifts!

2012 illustrated calendar by Emila Yusof

My last visit to Marmalade was in 2009. Back then they use different wallpaper. And i ordered the same thing plak tuh! demmit kah kah kah! Can read the old entry here.

p.s: Note to self, never order mineral water when the waiter said "still mineral water" because it's freaking expensive. Baik beli juice :P


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