Wedding Fen 2012

The second wedding we attended early this year was Fen's reception at Seri Melayu restaurant. We missed the grand entrance and takde gambar ngan pengantin i copied one photo from Alia's FB. What is a wedding entry without the pengantin innit kan?

Camera shy Qeeb neh asik tunduk jer everytime amik gambar. Aper benda lah yang dia tgk kat bawah tuh.

Wedding Fen 2012  Wedding Fen 2012

We sat on the same table with Mira's family. The food was good and pueh makan.

Wedding Fen 2012

So is Qeeb apparently wpon makan beskot jer. Priceless gila dapat captured mulut dia tgh nganga camtuh sampai terangkat kening kah kah kah!

Wedding Fen 2012  Wedding Fen 2012

We didn't stay longer to amik gambar with the bride&groom because dah malam and penat kluar since pagi. But glad dapat catch up with Kusa & Mira, lama tak jumpe dorang nie wpon rumah dekat. 

Wedding Fen 2012
Gojes Mira and Hamzah with me and Qeeb.

On the way home Qeeb slept in the car, dah sampai rumah dia segar bugar adoiiiyai. Jenuh tunggu battery dia habes because i was super duper tired and sleepy T___T

"To Fen and Annie, wishing you all the love and happiness in the world and congratulations on your marriage."


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