Birthday Khairan 2012

We had dinner at Mr. Steakhouse, Laman Seri to celebrate Khairan's 12yo birthday which falls on 2nd January. He also got 3 cakes from his tok mama, aunty shua and aunty amy. One of the cake was strawberry marshmallow cheese from Secret Recipe and the other two were from A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly - raspberry torte and peach gateaux. 


And why 3 cakes? Because nobody was communicating who's buying the cake lol! He's one happy boy that day! 

Lawak tengok gambar atas nie...3 orang pilih menu sama pesen pegang dahi. Stress beno gayanyer. Qeeb jer yang cool belek menu with style. 

Khairan picked this restaurant himself because he said the chicken chop sedap. But I was a bit full to makan benda heavy so i ordered something light tapik tak brapa nak light...sizzling seafood noodle (RM11.90) and unfortunately tak brapa sedap. Should've stick to chicken chop. Cheep had spare rib steak (RM18.90) and he said so-so jer rasa dia.

Perot kenyang, mau pulang, hati senang lalalala


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