Qeeb at 15 months

My sweet cheeky notty Qeeb (ok that's a tongue twister for you!). Here are a few things that he does at 15 months that i wanna remember. 

Qeeb in Year 1
  1. He loves to hide his toys under the duvet & pillows. It really kills the pleasure of stretching when my kaki and tangan tersangkut kat toys.
  2. He doesn't like his feet covered with blanket. He wants his feet to have some air i guess. 
  3. Suker letak his binky dalam truck. 
  4. Dah pandai masukkan blocks but tantrum if tak boleh masuk. Patience little guy!
  5. If tengok Jeeb and I hug2 dia pon nak join wpon few seconds before continue to play. 
  6. He can flip books page by page. Gaya macam reading from cover to end. 
  7. A new found hobby, cabut parquet. Since it's an old house so banyak gila loose parquet and we had to selotep eventhough buruk. But Qeeb will test any other loose parquet...kene splinter baru tau!
  8. Like any other kids, he loves to naik kereta, pegang steering, main signal. Nih Tok Wan dia yang ajar.

    Qeeb in Year 1
  9. He loves to throw things including all the fragile stuff like my phone, ipad & camera with backhand and forehand style! Kadang2 duduk blakang dia pon tetiba kene baling ngan remote. Benda berat2 dia tolak jer sampai jatuh katil like laptop. And yes dia dah penah pecahkan 2 pinggan his Tok Mama -.-'
  10. Suker smack orang yang pakai specs especially. I do not know how to make him stop yet. I've tried few tactics, one of it was ajar dia caress manner...he will do it but after 3-4 times dia smack balik. 
  11. Dah pandai minom pakai straw wpon asik tersedak yeayyy!
  12. He's very manja with his helper, Sunah. Sooo manja, everytime nampak jer kelibat musti melalak suruh dukung. But when she's out of sight boleh jer duduk diam and main sorang2. 
  13. Since dah pandai slide turun from the bed, asik kejer nak turun main jer. Even in the dark ghhhrr! 
  14. He likes disco/ tehcno beat. Everytime he catches a beat, he will put his hands up in the air and shake his body. Kening plak dok angkat like "wassup" style. Abes sumer aunties and uncle cakap ada potensi pegi clubbing hahaha. Tok wan dia kata rosak! 
  15. He was nominated as mini joker in the family because he makes everyone in the family laugh with all the silly things he does. 
When i watch him sleeping....lots of wonderful feelings cannot be described. I love to nibble his ears and mamam his chubby cheek because when he's asleep jer boleh buat camtuh lama2. He also loves to wake up from his cot and took over our bed around 5am every morning. 

Qeeb in Year 1

Soo this is hell yeah!

I wish i can take picture of Qeeb when he was still a baby like Mila's Daydreams. It would be a totally memorable memoir. That mom-blogger became an epic, capture what she loves and then publish a book!


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  3. I cannot believe I never knew about your blog before.. :P Where have I been?! :P

    OMG! The first photo is so awesome! The second is just the cutest! :D

    Disco/techno baby eh, not a Justin Bieber fan? LOL :D

    Lucas takes over our bed around 3-5am too! :D What is up with that! :P

    Qeeb is sooo adorable! I want to pinch those cheeks! so cute! :D

  4. Hellow Ane! Lol at least you found my blog hehe.

    Lucas take over your bed around that time too? Im curious! If you know the solution for that tell me!

    Thanks for dropping by Ane!


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