New year spree

Long weekend but not the usual lazying around at home weekend. On friday there are still piles of work to do but almost everybody tak sabar nk blk so heck tinggal jelah nk buat camno. On saturday we went to survey kedai spec at shah alam mall but the day was freakin' hot smp msk mall pon still bepeloh. Jeeb nak choose spec frame pon tak comfortable because...well his sweat dah macam air paip. Then bawak qeeb pi potong rambut ensem2 sbb nk pegi countdown new year at opah pat&wim. The house was pretty busy because MIL also preparing new year eve's dinner cum iman's birthday. But we had to join a bit later.

Off We went to mont kiara to meet up with the rest of my family. Makan2 till 10.30pm and we had to make a move. Too bad we can't stay for the firework. Reached home around 11.30pm and everybody tgh borak2 excited tunggu midnite. Qeeb pon mata dah buntang balik too much noise to sleep hehe. So when it strikes midnite dengar bunyik fireworks. We went out to the gaden but only managed to catch a glimpse of fireworks sbb banyak pokok block. So we went to the attic and tgk frm the balcony baru lah nampak sket frm i-city and dataran SA (i think).

The next day was maid's off day. So we dropped her off at KD and shoot to cheras for Nor's (adik D) wedding. Then lepas posing sket ngan pengantin and mak buyung we had a quick stop at umah my sis. Rushed blk SA...bergusti ngan qeeb smp dia tido pastuh kelam kabut bg dia dinner, freshen up, siapkan diri sendiri. Hoh berpelohhh! We drove back to KL to attend Fen's (adik kusa) wedding. We reached sri melayu around 8.40pm huhu lambat sudaaa. Qeeb behaved first part jer the rest dia dah restless and sibok nak jalan. And my baju pulak asik terbukak button biler dukung dia lasak. Aiyooo susah nk pakai kebaya camnie. Anyway, ingatkan dah balik umah, battery Qeeb dah abes but past midnite pon still ada energy to crawl sana sini.

Glad to woke up to another public holiday, boleh relax2. I was thinking nak bangun lambat sket but Qeeb's morning alarm bunyik cam biasa. Petang sket we went out to another shop at ss2 to find jeeb's spec then baru fetch our maid. Smp umah, the in laws dah gathered to celebrate khairan's bday. Sampai 3 cake tuh diaaa.... And tonite his bday dinner kat Laman Seri. Rasa cam tak smpt nk buat pape...kemas bilik, sort baju, office work, filing sumer tak sempat! Aaargghh tau2 jer dah mlm and tomoro kejer.

Happy new year guys. How do u spend ur weekend and new year?

P.s: before i know it dah ada backlogged entries hehe


  1. fuh! you're so busy im having difficulty catching my breath reading your activites LOL!

    too bad you guys missed the fireworks. it was awesome! so close to us hehehe.... nevermind, go check my blog for the video of it :)


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