Qeeb High Fever - Day 2

Today is more eventful than yesterday. Pagi doctor dah visit and update me the outcome of qeeb's medical report. Ada mild virus reading katanya but nothing to worry about. Hopefully. Breakfast yg hospital provided were pancake and honey. Tp x sedap so qeeb makan biscuits instead. Sib baik lah dia dah start to have appetite. We went to Iman's room to say hello and borak2 ngan k.liza kejap. After that Qeeb followed me to kedai nk beli vitagen + some bread and then i had breakfast at cafe level 1 :) Memang dating habis ngan Qeeb nie and dia pon layan jer. 

I also went to admission counter to check out the insurance progress whether i can claim my company punye ke tak. If takleh then i wanna call HR to issue GL but doc plak x isik2 form so lg lmbt lah i get to know the result. Naik bilik lepak2, Qeeb tetiba asked for an ice cream. Mengenangkan good for his tonsil so turun balik beli ice cream vanilla single scoop for him. Then its time for his medicine, i followed the nurses to check out their strategy nk bg ubat kat budak yg refused to telan. Balut ngan blanket so dat tangan and kaki takleh gerak, sumbat syringe blah tepi mulut and once in a while tutup idong so dat dia telan. Wahh ok new tip on the blanket tactic tuh. Had lunch and learned that Qeeb liked the broccoli cream soup. Niceee! 

We lepak summore, that we were so bored qeeb dh start ajak vroom vroom. Asik tgk tv, main ipad, pusing2 ward, turun naik floor, main cars and rotate again mmg sangap. He really insisted to naik keta because that was his daily routine with tok wan. I had to isi permission form to kluar for few hrs and tadaaaa FREEDOM! We pusing2 for a while and Qeeb dah fell asleep in the car. Then we made a quick stop kat umah pack baju sket, mkn sket lg and dragged ourselves back to the hospital. MIL and sis in law's MIL also followed me coz they wanna visit iman as well. 

4pm was the dreadful time for Qeeb to take the medicine again. Doc visited around 5pm suggested to amik neb. He struggled again then he realized that thing was harmless coz the second time buat neb dia pegang sendiri the mask. heheh cam layan shisha lak. Mandikan dia and it took sometime to persuade him to kluar from the toilet coz he wants to continue washing his 'ferrari' T____T 

Jeeb smp with our dinner and lepak till malam baru he made a move coz he looked sleepy giler dah. So tuh lah dia kehidupan dlm spital. Throughout the day kene handle qeeb's request kejap nk tuh kejap nk nie e.g suddenly mintak grape mana nk petik? His spitting all over the floor nk kene lap cpt before he lenyek ngan kasut, buat demo keta jatuh masuk gaung (masuk bawah katil) so sapa yg kene baring2 and kutip? *wave hand* but all in all im glad he buat all those stuff coz that means he's ok and i learned lots of new things about qeeb jugak :) alhamdulillah. 

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