Qeeb No More Fever - Day 4

This morning Qeeb bgn mata sembap. He was coughing through out the night. Demam dah kebah time around 6am but again time doc nk dtg check kol 8am temperature dia naik sket. The nurses came to bg dia mkn ubat and they said tmpt cucuk his drip tuh bengkak sket so they had to open it. Then ada org lain lak dtg nk amik blood for a test. Ketip sket jari nk mik darah menjerit lah dia dia. Tgh struggle nk squeeze blood masuk dlm tube tetiba i noticed ada banyak blood spots kat blanket. Ait mana lak dtg rupanya frm his left hand yg baru lepas cabut drip tuh. Gaaaahh BLOOD! Iols dah cam jelly lalala! Nurse came, put some pressure on it and tukar cotton. Phew! 

Then doctor came and update me on the blood result etc. Still got virus but qeeb is good to be discharged. Hopefully his antibody kuat balik to fight the virus. The cough and flu will slowly go away in 3-5 days insya Allah! i was excited to go breakfast and all but qeeb was sleepy and tired! Alamak kenapa pulak nie puas pujuk ajak kluar jalan2 tanak. When i mentioned birds watching baru dia slowly ckp ok. Fresh air makes u feel good... qeeb ada appetite to eat, chatting, playing and even take some photos with me. Excuse our belom mandi face bwahahaha! 

When we arrived at our room, there was a delivery guy with a cute mini hamper waiting. Awww a gift for qeeb from the company. 

The giraffe cute sangat and qeeb loves it. The gift put a smile on qeeb's face so i truly appreciate MYC sent this over. 

We started to pack, bills dept updated me that they just fax over the details to ING. So need to wait at least 2hrs for them to process it. We lepak2 makan and watch TV. Qeeb was sleepy again. Hmmm weird ada ubat buat dia drowsy ker? Then bills dept up called me up ckp brapa yang ING cover and how much yang i have to pay. The total cost was *gulp* RM3K ++ and the amount i have to pay was room rate difference je *lega!* The discharge process was very smooth, bill guy even came to my room with a terminal because i opted to pay with debit card. Senang you! Pharmacist pon hantar ubat ke bilik. Ada service trolley to carry the bag smp depan hospital. 

Alhamdulillah. I'm so thankful that spanjang admitted kat DEMC, we have the flexibility nak keluar bebila and rumah pon dekat nak singgah amik barang. Now to monitor Qeeb kat umah lak and apply technique bg makan ubat kat toddler yg i blajar kat hospital. Tolong doa kan yer Qeeb cepat sembuh :) 


  1. jot, baca pengalaman ko ni, teringat masa aku temankan aisy kat hospital dulu. 9 HARI 8 MALAM!!! letih, risau tapi kenangan terindah coz dpt spend masa with aisy... mmg sentiasa berdoa agar peristiwa itu xkan berulang lagi...

  2. haaa 9 hari 8 malam? ya Allah lamanyer...time tuh aisy saket aper? umur dia brapa time tuh? sama2 lah berdoa tok anak dan kita sendiri sentiasa sehta insya Allah.


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