Qeeb High Fever - Day 3

Lepas subuh i continued to sleep at couch sbb dah saket pinggang berimpit ngan Qeeb. Dapat lah tido kejap coz he woke me up lepas tuh. But this morning he's kinda weak and fretful maybe because he caught flu and cough. Sumer benda tak kena but dpt gak dia abeskan one slice of whole meal bread with butter and jam.

Then mandikan dia etc, and had the first neb for today. Doc came to visit and said still cannot go home yet because demam dia naik balik plak. Temperature was 37.6 and a slght increase of virus reading. i guess still need monitoring. 

Qeeb teman me makan breakfast at cafe level 1. Nih lah rupa open air cafe tuh.

He loves to stop at this kiosk sbb ada jual banyak set of cars hehe. Lucky thing was he don't know how to memintak. Tau lah siket tapik tak persistent sampai tahap nanges2 baring2. Being mom, rasa cam nak beli jer but i saved it time terdesak if i ever need to get his attention. Gotta know how to play my card gittew.

Balik bilik, made him comfy busy main iPad then i excuse myself to have shower. I said to him many times that im going to the toilet and he seemed ok to be alone for a while. About 1 hour later Qeeb looked sleepy but tanak tido, start wat bising nak vroommvroom! I tricked him jalan sana sini but he still wants to naik keta. Alahaii so i gave in. Dlm keta trus tetido. I feel like i can drive forever bg dia tido puas2, but need to go back to hospital for his neb at 12pm. 15mins to 12 MIL called suggesting the helper to follow me and tgk2 kan qeeb. Smalam i rejected the idea because i can handle it and rasa quite rimas ada org lain. But today tetiba rasa why not try je. Alhamdulillah turned out quite well eventhough ada silent okwed moment when Qeeb was asleep. I  took the chance to sleep gak, dapat ler nap 1hr. Bgn je trus rasa fully recharged! Amazing. Lepas mkn ubat, 3 of us had early dinner at groundfloor cafe. Jalan2 hirup udara petang. Balik bilik mandikan dia and fed him dinner. Layan gak dia makan buttermilk chicken. Alhamdulillah. 

Around 7ish, mas came to visit with her mama. Weee qeeb dapat hadiah summore. Malu2 suka dia layan 'kakak' mas. Thanks for coming and bagi smangat kat Qeeb tok baik cepat :)

Then jeeb picked us up balik umah sat. Dapatlah mandi kat bilik air sendiri. Satu nekmat gak tuh. Pack baju lg for tomorrow which i hope pakai morning je smp check out trus in the afternoon. Doa sangat that qeeb dah fully recover by tonight so tomoro tak kene tahan lg. Jeeb sent us back to hospital, hang out for a while baru balik. Now Qeeb dah tido so im gonna tido soon jugak :)

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