Qeeb High Fever - Day 1

Went to see paed yesterday because qeeb still having high fever and his previous prescription of antibiotics mcm takde effect and few other things that worry us. Tetiba doctor suggested qeeb to be admitted. I was like 'hah?' Took a while for me to digest napa nk kene admit truk sangat ke demam? Is there anything i shud worry about?

Cut the story short we decided to proceed admitting qeeb. I had to pack baju for 2 days and the toys yang i could only think of was Qeeb's car collection.

Qeeb started kene amik ubat and mmg nurse pon said tough sbb dia ketap gigi and sembur kluar balik. Well they must've been through this many times surely they know how to handle it. Yang kesian time dah start pasang drip, Qeeb begged to remove the bandage. Nanges sampai tertido.

We also found out that Iman (jeeb's niece ) kene admitted kat DEMC gak because bacterial infection. Sian iman non stop muntah smp dehyrated. But cam klako pon ada same family members admitted in the same hospital and same floor ward kanak2. Meanwhile, Qeeb and i explored the ward area ada reading corner but hmmm no books? Kat guest area pon takde magazines at all except a stack of brochures. 

Time malam, Qeeb had quite a good sleep i guess because he only woke up once in a while bila nurse buat check up. I had problem to sleep because katil x comfy pffft. And i was consciously awake to check out qeeb's drip takot dia tertarik. Hope tomorrow will be quite as smooth as today. :)

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