Sweet Tooth Paradise in KLCC

We explored some new shops in KLCC mostly the snacking area. The first one was Isetan Food Market. I uploaded some pix in mobile blog Part I and Part II. Then we went to check out Garrett Popcorn, Candylicious and Bruno Gelato. They were all in the same row attracting the sweet tooth to drool.

KLCC Candylicious

There was a signboard saying the candies were rather shy to take photo but being kiasu i cannot help myself! It's like a candyland in there...it's too colorful not to take photos. More candy shots at mobile blog if you wanna see what kind of candies and merchandise they sell. Taken during my earlier trip with the GLC - 
candy i, candy ii, candy iii, candy iv (hohoho over sampai 5 entries). Check out the jellybeans....tons and bebalang2 of it! Huarghhhh!

KLCC Candylicious

And the lollies from size s to XL!

KLCC Candylicious

Here comes the most talkabout popcorn that made both of us very curious dgn kesedapannyer-Garret popcorn from Chicago. The price? RM16 (small), RM21 (medium), RM26 (large) and ada range yang cecah ratus koh koh..i think dat one comes with box kot. We queued and bought large size Caramel Crisp and homaigosh sedap gila. I have to make sure ada air kosong dalam tangan though sbb manis gila. If nak compare ngan popcorn kat TGV/ GSC tuh...you can see 60% color putih and the caramel celah2 gituh jer...if you eat this, it's like 100% salut ngan caramel. Osemness!

KLCC Garret Popcorn
sukenye Qeeb...bukan leh makan pon thehehe

Not to forget the xmas decor which is one of my routine every year to amik gambar heheh.

KLCC Xmas Decor 2011

For me xmas decor in KLCC so far tak penah achieve level wowowow compared to pavillion, one utama and the curve. Maybe it's because they have limited horizontal space. If vertically they have all the height which i think that's the reason why they use the same tallest xmas tree for many years in a row hahaha. Glad that tree is nowhere to be found this year.

KLCC Xmas Decor 2011
KLCC Xmas Decor 2011   KLCC Xmas Decor 2011


  1. qeeb ni muke selalu seriyes lahhh :D hee... apapun thanks for the blog entry ek soul (ala.. kat blog kita tu...).. byk pulak gamba tu.. best best.....

  2. tuh yang mahal biler dia senyum skali skala tuh sbb susah nak dapat ekekeke.

    tuh yang bes bebudak glc...pas jer camera ada yang tolong snap hehehe


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