Countdown to 2012

2 more days to 2012. I'm feeling so festive and i do not want it to end! I loooove december so much. My birthday falls in december but it's not just that. Takleh nak describe the jolly feeling. Maybe because it's around xmas time so all the colorful decor makes me happy. Or maybe cuti sekolah and ramai yang amik cuti so the road is clear and takde jam langsung! Banyak lagik other things that contribute to rasa happy.

But i cannot shake the nervous feeling knowing what's waiting for me on the first week of January itself. Soooo many deadlines and i'm not even halfway done. So yeah...i'm worry about my work, kpi and confirmation. Anyhoo, hope 2012 dipermudahkan urusan dan murah rezeki. 

I wanna wrap up my 2011 wishlist/checklist and syukur with what i have. Rupa2 nyer 2010 takde list cisss...takleh nak compare! Sebab baca balik yang 2009 bes jugak because mana nak ingat dolu mengidam and frust sbb aper.
  1. Change job. This year i managed to tukar kejer wpon 3 kali.
  2. Less traffic stress. I love my new office area because no kl traffic nightmare pagi petang. Eventho for temporary period because we'll be moving back to KL T___T but i'm still thankful.
  3. Parking luxury. Cheap indoor parking rate. With the car condition yang bocor & betampal ngan selotep i'm thankful dapat park dlm building with ample parking space. 
  4. Children. Alhamdulillah my son, Qeeb membesar dengan sehat dan kuat. He is now 1yo+. There's still part of me yang okwed nak mention "my son.../ anak i...." biler beborak. Kalo beborak ngan yang dah kenal senang because i prefer to mention his name instead of kata ganti. Tahpapentah. 
  5. Less Game. I managed to kurangkan main game. Except tiny towers...itupon biler tingat. The fact is tak de masa pon because i treasure my sleep rather than bersengkang mata to level up. 
  6. Vacation. This year mmg takde vacation. Timing slalu tak kene. We even missed family vacation to Bali because Jeeb busy with work and i just started working in a new company....sad :(
  7. New car. Was thinking to get a new car because driving pleasure dah kurang :P My bad tak maintain elok2. Siap pegi test drive keta idaman but niat terbantot because if nak tolak current car market rate makin drop, i have to top up the settlement and kene bayar deposit. Erghhh nanti2 lah. 
  8. Move out. We are still not seriously looking for a house. Kan senang kalo ada area yang dah berkenan, rumah cantik, dapat pulak harga yang affordable trus boleh beli. Nih tak, nak kene search harga rumah yang 'logic' and biler dah jumpe only to find out that the location is like humang-aih-jauhnye-drive-sejam-lebey-pon-x-sampai.
  9. Lose weight. Errrr slalu goyah biler nampak food sedap and biler orang ajak makan. 
  10. 365 project. Take a photo a day and upload it to my mobile blog because i wanna be able to look back at any day the year and recall what i did. Tak kesampaian tang nak upload tiap2 hari tuh....but my mblog entries for this year is 219 yo! w00t! 
  11. Blogging. The best way to document moments and thoughts. Entries this year agak dropped compared to last year. I should target to post early and post often to avoid backlogged because nanti rasa overwhelmed trus malas nak buat. 
Also for next year, i wish for a good health, exercise more, family bonding, spend more domestic thingy, pro-active and focus time kejer, curik masa dating ngan Jeeb, explore educational games with Qeeb, rajin masak *cough*, be more positive towards everything, etc. Pendek kata sumer yang elok2 dan yang baik2 lah. Also smoga our country kekal aman damai.

Marilah kiter sama2 berdoa, insya Allah.