Diwali Celebration 2013

We had a gathering last November during Diwali festive season. Kitowang pon nak feeling Bollywood...ada yang pakai saree and punjabi suit. 

The colleagues did a great job decorating the reception area and our floor. 

The following week, they organized a sweet treat high tea. Dapat kenal kuih and belajar all the names. 

This one is Idly. Yang macam putu ayam lak Iddyapam

I think this one ramai jer kenal and suker makan...Vadai.

Vanilla Burfi on the left and Jangiri on the right.

Yang dalam tray was Adirasam. Yang stacked kat blakang color orange tuh was Kesari.


Interesting dapat taste a little bit of everything but in small portion because it was very sweet. The food was ordered from Saravanaa Bhavan an Indian Vegetarian Restaurant.

Food gathering is always nice :)


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