Qeeb and Birthday Pressies

Bought presents for Qeeb almost a month before his birthday when we shopped for Irina's present. But lepas tuh dok peram lg few days after his birthday. Sonot betoi watching how he tore the wrapping paper all by himself and his expression when the box was revealed.

Birthday Qeeb 2yo

He gasped when he saw his favourite character McQueen. But he called it as 'red thar'.

Birthday Qeeb 2yo

Nyum nyum look.

Birthday Qeeb 2yo

Sibok ngan cars...blocks tak heran sangat. Later2 baru dia main. 

Birthday Qeeb 2yo  Birthday Qeeb 2yo

Muka eager nak unwrap another pressie from jeeb. Adding his hot wheels collection yang kejap hilang kejap jumpa balik. Saja jer balut nak bagi thrill koyak2 wrapping paper hehe.

Birthday Qeeb 2yo  Birthday Qeeb 2yo

Nota kaki: Thanks to everyone yang bagi presents. This year most of his presents were cars, lol! See that black thingy next to his nose? It's not teklalat, it's the burned mark (read here)


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