Farewell for MD 2012

The first farewell session was at Lanai Kijang but did not take any photos there. The second one was at office, chip in duit ordered something for food and amik2 gambar. Since ada lagik yang mintak nak adakan photobooth, so carik lah template kat tenet just for fun.

Farewell MSA 2012  Farewell MSA 2012

Test dolu with the props

Farewell MSA 2012

I like this photo! Macam banyak lipstick marks on MSA's shirt hehehe.

Farewell MSA 2012

We had mihun/ mee kari and some kuih muih that evening.

Farewell MSA 2012

Last group photo with MSA...so sad that he's leaving us. On his very last day (around end of Oct), he salam with everyone. And ada lah sebak moment seketika heheh. We hope that the new MD will take a good care of us.

Farewell MSA 2012


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