Monday Blues at Toll

On the way back tadi time lalu tol NPE, i saw lane Touch n GO was bottled up because a driver in Swift thought that lane was for smart tag. Yang lawaknyer the car behind Swift tuh frantically buat sign asking the driver to reverse a little bit and tag his/ her touchngo card at the reader.

Yes the Swift driver did reversed. But then he/she bukak tingkap and kuarkan tangan sambil pegang smart tag tinggi2 pointing to the ceiling dengan harapan the sensor can detect. Lolololol! That really amused me and somehow i know how blur someone can be (cam aku le tewww!). I don't know how long it takes for the Swift driver to realize that he/she needs to tag the TnG card manually at the reader, but i hope yang tgh queue tuh bersabor jelah because it was Monday after all :)


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