Friends and Business

Catching up with an old friend, Farhad last month who is now running a macaron business! Jeeb yang slalu borak ngan dia dolu time kat MMSC.

Le Chouette Macaron

Ajak jumpe tup tup dapat 2 boxes of macaron! Rezeki hehe ;) Macam2 flavor and my most favorite were Milano (Starbucks Dopio + Milk) and Sicily (Pistachio + Mint). Serious sedap!

Le Chouette Macaron

And another thing is i like his branding and marketing. He did his own logo, posters, paper bag etc. I'm a sucker for benda cute2 and photos style ala2 martha stewart :P

Le Chouette Macaron

Close up on the beautifully baked macarons.

Le Chouette Macaron

Qeeb with uncle Farhad.

Le Chouette Macaron

Can refer here Le Chouette Macaron for other new flavors.

He also can baked Hello Kitty and Cookie Monster macarons! How cute is that? Say bye bye to cupcakes if you wanna plan for custom theme. But i still do heart cupcakes heheh.

Nih bukan entry nak promote2. Just proud ada member yang creative and successful in his business. Same goes to other friends and sisters who are running their own business. Nih to name a few....

The Jellikids by Jal (budak mmsc gak)

Okinokiyo sunhats (member utm)

My sis party-candy. Go Party Candy! ^.^

Collaboration of kak fara and her sister 

Creatively Designed by Ain (member utm)

Yulie bakes the cake based in Melaka (member utm)

Tingin nak run my own business jugak tapik takde idea nak buat aper -.-


  1. best la dorg... me pon teringin jugak berbiznes sendiri..huhuhu

    1. Ari tuh u nk buat business pearl consignment kannn? Bes gak buat biz tuh

  2. huhuhu.. ada banner iheartboutique! tq! :)

    aku x reti menjual.. membeli je terer huhu..

  3. samo lahhh bab2 membeli eksaited lebey

  4. Thank u thank u!!! Aritu nak komen tatau asal mcm ok :)

  5. hehehe most welcome mai. i share nih takde aper sangat...u dah lama well established :)


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