Qeeb's PreSchool Experience

These photos was taken on 4 Feb 2014 - Qeeb's first day at school. Here he was looking a bit worried, waiting for his ride to school. I was so nervous but sooo ready for cebik-turns-to-cry any moment.

Qeeb First Day School

Waiting and waiting. With our helper tunggu sama2 so she also can get used to Qeeb's new timing. When this entry is written, she already left balik Indo for good katanyer.

Qeeb First Day School
Qeeb First Day School  Qeeb First Day School

Iols pon naik van skalik! I feel so giant laidat...pitam! Luckily ada sorang budak jer at that time so takde lah butt squeezing. Kesian tgk Qeeb...melantun2 dia duduk dalam tuh. At that point rasa dia cam too small to go to school naik van! When dia naik school van all by himself the next day, he chose front seat instead. Uncle Sam pon layan kan je lah.

Qeeb First Day School

The first month was quite a torture for him. The separation anxiety, socializing with teachers and friends, he didn't look forward to go to school at all. Me and Jeeb decided if he's still not OK after one month, maybe we need to enroll him to a different school. So it happened, Qeeb was not feeling well so he didn't went to school for 4 days (Tok Mama insisted he must rest well to recover). He went back to school on Friday and there was a birthday celebration. That was the first time he came back from school feeling so happy and excitedly showed me the party pack he got and told me he ate a chocolate birthday cake. And before we know it, he goes to school willingly and I can see his positive progresses. Like dah pandai pakai/cabut socks, pakai zap shoes, gosok gigi, shishi kat toilet etc. I also found out from the teacher he still doesn't like to dance and sing as he prefers to observe others and laugh.

Some of his friends name that I took note were Eddin, Syafiq, Ranchek, Chang Nak, Huda, Iman, Puteri. Shoo cute! Doa for the best and I also hope that i get to see him perform during kindy concert.