Lovely Raya Everyone?

Celebrated first day raya at SA as usual. This year's theme was orange-pink. Pagi2 bangun Jeeb pegi solat sunat Raya. When Qeeb woke up, the negotation begins T___T I had to convince him to wear his baju melayu wpon dah tiap2 ari pep talk ngan dia on what he needs to do during Hari Raya. He agreed to wear but minus the sampin and butang baju melayu Lego padahal dia sendiri yang pilih the butang color few days before. We took the obligatory pose at garden. Qeeb looked at the camera...YAY! But too serious...ARGH. Btw, it was hazy that day and got burning smell.

Day 1, Raya 2014

Qeeb facing the camera with his eyes closed pulakkkk! He did that purposely btw. Oh the menu was awesome - ketupat, lemang, rendang, nasik briyani, etc. It wasn't even noon yet and I think i already gained 2kg.

Day 1, Raya 2014

Salam2 raya, parents and children, brothers and sister, husband and wife, uncles/ aunties and nephews/ nieces.

Day 1, Raya 2014

Group photo of us

Day 1, Raya 2014

Oh we also had a celebrity guest came beraya....Sarimah in the house! She's like a doll! So pretty! Cemana dia bleh datang? She's a cousin to jeeb's cousin's husband and she wanted to join beraya...something like that i guess.

Day 1, Raya 2014  Day 1, Raya 2014

In the evening, kitowang kluar kejap to chillax minom coffee and makan ice cream. SA mall completely closed and the only kedai yang bukak were Starbux and Baskin Wobin that have own entrance.

Day 1, Raya 2014

Guests kept on coming till magrib baru officially tutup kedai. We freshen up to get ready pegi beraya and joined other cousins yang dah gathered kat umah auntie Aki. Love the look on everyone's faces at the table with scrumptious food.

Day 1, Raya 2014

And happily chit chatting tak kira usia. Very raya scene laidat!

Day 1, Raya 2014

Hope everyone's had a lovely raya insya Allah. In spite of the tragic crash of MH17, Alhamdulillah kita dapat merasa family gathering and beraya with loved ones.

Nota kaki: Tak banyak high reso photos this year to make a Raya photobook. *sad*


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